• ALBAM Cord Utility Jacket





    CORDUROY may be de rigueur for 2018, but at OWL it's been a calling card since around the time ROBERT REDFORD donned it in ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN.

    Film nerds will note how this splendid cord utility jacket from ALBAM would have seamlessly fitted into REDFORD'S out of hours wardrobe, while fellow corduroy disciples BILL MURRAY (THE ROYAL TENENBAUM), OSCAR ISAAC (INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS), DONALD SUTHERLAND (ANIMAL HOUSE) and JACK NICHOLSON (THE SHINING) would likely give it an appreciative nod too. 

    Crafted from a luxury CORDUROY that is at once hardwearing yet super soft, revitalising this classic jean jacket silhouette is ALBAM doing what they do best. 

    Italian ALBAM branded jean studs and contemporary detailing elevate it to being one of our favourite lightweight jackets of the season.

    - 100% Cotton
    - Standard fit
    - Cool Wash 30C
    - Made in Portugal