• COUNTRY OF ORIGIN Lambswool Grey Tricolour Sweater





    When it comes to knitwear, COUNTRY OF ORIGIN can do no wrong in our book.  

    Crafted in small numbers in the SOUTH LONDON label's workshop, their knits are impeccably put together to the most exacting of standards. 

    Here's how the process works: "Rather than starting with a roll of pre-woven/knitted fabric, each sweater begins life as a cone of yarn, knitted to shape by increasing or decreasing stitch counts. 

    5 panels are made for each garment: 1 front, 1 back, 2 sleeves and 1 neck. Our machinists then link these parts together, aligning stitch for stitch. 

    Finally, the garment is scoured to clean away naturally occurring oils and create the perfect softness."

    Crafted from 100% LAMBSWOOL, this tricolour knit sweater in grey with red and yellow arms is one of our favourite pieces of the season. It has a soft brush handle and a regular fit.    

    - Crewneck
    - Elasticated cuff and hems 
    - 100% Lambswool
    - Made in England