• PENDLETON National Park Motor Robe Rug with Carrier





    A beautiful MOTOR ROBE rug from PENDELTON crafted from 100% WOOL in an ARCADIA plaid, which is inspired by the Acadia National Park. 

    Perfect for picnics or cold nights on the sofa binge watching NETFLIX, each MOTOR ROBE comes with a carrier, handle and shoulder strap.

    There's a nice history to the rugs too, as relayed by PENDELTON: "Our Pendleton Motor Robes were originally called steamer rugs during the early 20th Century, as they were used on the trains in the PNW. These blankets were a warm, welcome companion for those who traveled by horse drawn carriage, train or boat."  

    - 100% wool
    - Carrier, with handle and shoulder strap
    - Made in USA