• PENDLETON Tucson Brownsville Shearling Coat




    Every now and then we catch some of our other coats looking at the PENDELTON Tucson the way RICHIE CUNNINGHAM used to look at THE FONZ.

    The line between admiration and lust is a thin one. Still that's enough FREUD for now, so instead why not rather marvel at a jacket woven from PENDELTON'S exclusive blanket-weight wool and crafted for warmth.

    With a generous length and genuine shearling collar, this fully-lined number isn't going to hang around for long. 

    And if that's not enough to convince you to embrace your inner ranch owner, here's PENDELTON to take up the story: "The Tucson area was originally home of the Pima tribe. A Pima legend says that in the beginning there was darkness, from which the Creator emerged.

    He pulled a magic stick from his heart and formed a ball with its resin that grew into the Earth as he sang, 'I make the world, and see, the world finished...let it go, start it forth!'

    In this pattern, the magical creation stick helps bring the Earth, Stars, Moon and Sun from the darkness." 

    Bloody hell, just mentioning the shearling would have been enough for most of us...

    - Two pockets
    - Embossed metal buttons
    - Genuine shearling collar
    - Pure virgin wool/cotton
    - Fabric woven in PENDLETON'S American mills  
    - Imported of USA fabric
    - Very limited quantities made