• SPINGLE MOVE Indigo Denim Slip-on trainer





    JAPANESE label SPINGLE MOVE were founded in HIROSHIMA in 2002. Setting out with an ethos to stay true to the principles of craftsmanship so prevalent in the FUCHU CITY region, it's a road they have never veered from. 

    They eschew fads and fashion to concentrate on making goods that call on the rich heritage of JAPANESE design and craftsmanship. 

    All SPINGLE MOVE shoes are made in JAPAN, with the label's longstanding factory-based research into the perfect sole having reaped rich dividends. 

    SPINGLE MOVE is one of only three companies  adopting the VULCANISING PROCESS, which in layman terms is a method to attach the soles to shoes. The shoes are heated in a kiln where sulphur is added; the subsequent heat and pressure allow the soles to be attached to the shoes. The end result is solidly built, durable units that are ridiculously comfortable. 

    Hardwearing natural rubber soles with increased elasticity and grip have become somewhat of a trademark, with a real durability elevated by a unfussy and clean aesthetic.

    These slip-on beauties are crafted from high-quality Japanese INDIGO DENIM cotton, with each shoe showing a subtle reverse of the other in terms of colourways. A touch of luxury is provided via leather insoles and lining.  

    - Durable rubber soles
    - Indigo denim cotton uppers
    - Slip on shoes
    - Made in Japan