• TEN C Short Parka S6/57





    The advantage of TEN C having such a tight range is that everything they do is impeccable. Their take on a classic short parka is no exception.  

    A shorter version of TEN C's iconic M65 fishtail parka, it sits higher than its predecessor by several inches. It has a pair of waist level slant pockets, a beautifully stitched storm flap and a removable hood with intricate zigzag detailing. Wire is used to hold its shape.  

    The jacket is crafted from TEN C's unique OJJ (ORIGINAL JAPANESE JERSEY) fabric, which comprises a knitted nylon/polyester micro fibre that is finished exclusively in Italy. 

    Over time the jacket's unique properties, derived from being washed at 120 °C, will mould itself to the wearer's body. Each piece also acquires an individual patina, creating a personal history. A TEN C jacket is more than a jacket; it ages with you like a favourite watch. 

    The short parka is a timeless classic, designed to be passed down generations. 

    - Unique 60% polyester, 40% nylon OJJ fabric
    - Fully waterproof
    - Concealed zip and press-stud front fastening
    - Equipped to house a liner
    - Removable wire rim opposable hood
    - Made in Italy